Rare Earth Magnetic Separators


Mag Tool’s Magnetic Coolant Filter are designed for filtering coolant oils contaminated with ferrous materials. These equipments are light weight, compact design, and can be easily installed.


The magnetic drum is made out of powerful rare earth magnets which produce magnetic field 75mm above the drum. Very fine particles will be arrested without a slip. The magnetic material will not loose its strength even after number of years of use.

These filters are available in 100 to 1200 liters per minute filtering capacity. These filters can be coupled with hydrocyclone coolant filters, Paper band filters, Cartridge filters, etc. And are also manufactured as per customers requirement.


The drive of the drum is achived by double reduction worm and worm wheel. The worms are made in high carbon steel, hardned and ground which run on sealed ball bearings. The worm wheels are made in high wear resistance materials. An oil level indicator is provided to ensure the lever of oil in the gear box. The gear box is designed for continuous and trouble free running for years.


The contaminated coolant from the machine is fed into the inlet of the magnetic filter. As it passes thru the gap between the drum and the body, The dust particles are arrested by the drum. A synthetic rubber roller is mounted on springs, squeezes the dust and allows only dry powder, Which is further scraped out from the drum by scraper and is collected in the dust collecting tray. The level of filtration will be almost 95 % for ferrous particles.


These filters can be used with all types of grinding machines such as cylindrical, Centerless, Internal, Surface, Double disc and roll grinding machines. These can also be used for filtered honing oil of honing machines, EDM’s, Washing machines.,


  • Uses rare earth magnets which provide upto 8 tines the magnetic force of conventional ferrite magnets.
  • No consumables required. Dry cake discharge.
  • Excellent efficiency even for seperating materials having weak magnetic properties, such as carbide and scale.
  • Superior contamination removal means improved surface finish, increased life of grinding wheel, reduced dressing frequency,and increased life of fluid.
  • Kind to environment, Kind to the pocket.