Oil Skimmers


A simple and effective way to clean water soluble coolant from floating tramp oil. Disc type oil skimmers, drum type magnetic oil skimmers.

MAG TOOLS now has available small, cost effective oil skimmers for removing tramp oil from machine tool coolant tank. The MAG TOOLS wheel skimmer (WS) effectively removes floating tramp oil from water soluble coolants. In its magnetic version (MWS) it will even remove dispersed ferrous particles from the coolant.

Tramp oil caused leaking hydraulic system & usage of way oil is an even present problem in the management of water soluble coolants. Tramp oil reduces the coolants cooling and lubrication properties and supports bacterial growth which produces corrosive sulphuric acid. Tramp oil will shorten the coolant lifetime drastically, sings of affected coolant are: The bad smell, rust stained poor quality parts and premature tool wear. Renewal of labour, purchase and disposal fees and machine down time

The oil skimmer removes up to 12 lifer of tramp oil per hour. After half an hour the coolant surface has been cleaned almost completely. Even now the skimmer still removes tramp oil.


  • Low cost tramp oil removal for single machine application.
  • Improves coolant performance. Improves coolant life.
  • Simple design, few moving parts, low wear, very little maintenance required.
  • Easy to install or retro-fit. Removes ferrous fines (M option) from the coolant.