Magnetic Chip Conveyors

FINE – Light and sharp chips generated from gear shaves, Gear Hobbers, Spline cutting machines, SPM’s deep hole drilling machines, broaching machines, Press shops and Heat treatment shops coming with large amount of coolant tend to escape with the coolant and cause damage to the pump and effects surface finish.

Plain sheet magnetic conveyor help attract ferrous chips from coolant & separates coolant from chips. Thus the coolant is free from chips and the conveyor acts as magnetic filter for the coolant.

The moving permanent magnets mounted on endless chain underneath the stationary stainless steel sheet attracts ferrous chips and slide them on to the plate to the discharge end. The coolant separated from chips flows to the coolant tank through an over flow so that even floating chips get attracted by moving magnets and get conveyed.

MAG TOOLS Magnetic plain sheet type conveyors being sleek in construction can be introduced in to small cross sectional openings in machine tools. Since Conveyors are custom built, different configuration and profiles can be made to suit specific applications.

magnetic chip conveyors