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Welcome to Mag Tools

Established in the year 1995, Mag Tools today, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of machine tool filters and conveyors.

The Filters and Chip Conveyors have been supplied to both indigenous and imported machines and are also used as original fitment by many machine tool builders. Our company has wide range of standard models to choose from and special/large systems can be designed and supplied as per requirement and applications. We deal in the following products: These equipments are presently applied in the different industries as:

  1. Coolant Filtration Systems For Engineering Industries
  2. Chip Conveyors For Automobile Industries
  3. Chip Conveyor For Bearings Industry
  4. Paper Band With Magnetic Coolant Separators For Spindles
  5. Coolant Filtration Systems For Textile Machinery
  6. Paper band filters For Rolling Mills
  7. Magnetic Coolant Filters For Wire drawings
  8. Hinged Steel Belt Chip Conveyors For CnC turning machines.

Mag Tools is a quality conscious manufacturer who reveres the aspirations and expectations of the customers. Our products go under stringent checks and controls to provide the best quality to the market. Our products boast of quality, efficiency and accuracy. The potential team of our engineers are in line to commit to the delivery of superior quality products unlike all its rivals. Mag Tools is committed to customer satisfaction through prompt delivery and ultimate quality, Known for standard and authenticity, the company assiduously strives to maintain the trust among its clients generated through years of superior services in manufacturing of industrial coolant filtration systems and chip conveyors.

Hinged Steel Belt Chip Conveyors

Chip Conveyors – It has been specially designed keeping in mind the hazards that are normally encountered with conventional chips and swarf Chip Conveyors, The Hinged steel belt is pressed in extra heavy duty sheet and perfect guiding of rollers ensures minimum friction and noise free operation. The body compact in size occupies small space but due to extra chip space can handle large volume of chips.


Paper Band Filters Cum Magnetic Coolant Filters

High efficient way of Coolant filtration System guarantee fine finish, dimensional accuracy, increased tool life. Magnetic Coolant Filters Keeps your machine clean & reduces costly machine down time for periodical cleaning. Paper Band Filters Avoids bacterial growth and wastage of expensive coolants. Since the complete Paper Band coolant filtration system is automatic, No manual attention is needed Where heavy stock removal increases the temperature of the coolant. this system of Paper Band Coolant filtration due to sufficient exposure to air helps to control the same.


We are a specialised manufacturer of the following products:

Chip Conveyors For CNC turning machines, Magnetic Coolant Filters, Paper Band Filters
Magnetic Coolant Filters For Grinding Machines, Magnetic Coolant Filter For Surface Grinding Machines, Paper Band Coolant Filtration Systems For Grinding Applications, Filter Paper Rolls For Grinding Machines, Chip Conveyors, Magnetic Coolant Filters and Paper Band Filters, Chip Conveyors, Scraper Chip Conveyors, Magnetic Coolant Filters, Magnetic With Paper Band Filters, Oil skimmers